Regional Transportation Plan

$817,716,000 for new and wider roads
for Eugene Springfield through the rest of the oil age
(2007 update)

In 2008, the Governor's Transportation Vision Committee estimated these projects would cost over $1 billion

Kitty Piercy's November 2007 swing vote at the Lane Council of Governments Metropolitan Policy Committee gave the City of Springfield legal authority to lobby Peter DeFazio for federal funds for road expansions

On November 8, 2007, Mayor Kitty Piercy cast the pivotal vote for the Regional Transportation Plan to allocate $817 million for the metro area's road projects during the rest of the petroleum era. (about 2/3rd of that before the Year 2031, and the rest at some unspecified time after that).

If Kitty Piercy had voted no, then the City of Eugene would have blocked implementation of this at the Lane Council of Governments Metropolitan Policy Committee, since the other Eugene representaitve at MPC was Alan Zalenka, and he voted no on the RTP.

Since she voted yes, the City of Springfield now has authority to go ask Peter DeFazio for Congressional appropriations to upgrade Route 126 in Springfield into an Interstate Highway so lots of ugly plywood boxes can be built in Thurston. The developers and speculators and road builders are greatly relieved that Kitty Piercy voted against the environmental point of view, since otherwise plans for Springfield's sprawl would be stopped.

Approved by the Metropolitan Policy Committee of the Lane Council of Governments on November 8, 2007

The City of Eugene was represented by Mayor Kitty Piercy and Councilor Alan Zalenka.
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Financially Constrained Roadway Projects

(road construction through the year 2031)


Illustrative Roadway Projects

(road construction planned after the year 2031 - in other words, desired projects that local officials have no clue how to fund)