Highway Robbery

The money was "not there" for WEP

“In general, we recognize that STIP modernization program funding levels will not meet the larger Metro and Non-metro project needs shown on the Countywide Priority List endorsed by the Board [of Commissioners] in October 2001 and updated April 1, 2002. For this reason, we have confined our comments to the ‘Smaller’ roadway projects shown on updated October List.
“Least cost solutions to transportation system needs is a prioritizing factor the OTC will consider when selecting projects for the 04-07 STIP.”
– Robert J. Pirrie, ODOT Area 5 Manager, May 1, 2002 letter to Lane County Commissioners



ODOT's increasing cost estimates


2001 Estimates

from ODOT presentation to Eugene City Council, February 20, 2001

this document proves that the $88 million figure used to market the WEP in the November, 2001 referendum was a deliberate lowering of the full cost - this is incredibly deceptive for manipulating the public, but that is how highways are planned and how the good old boys network in local government usually treats those who are forced to pay for their projects

West Eugene Parkway System Cost
Belt Line Phase 1 - Barger 16.5 M
Belt Line Phase 2 - Royal 10.5 M
Total 27.0 M [already completed]

West Eugene Parkway
• Part 1 Unit A 17.3 M [Belt Line to Seneca]
• Part 1 Unit B 34.2 M [Seneca to 6th/7th - last segment to be built]
• Part 2 Unit A 30.5 M [two lanes from Belt Line to western terminus]
• Part 2 Unit B 06.5 M [2 more lanes from Belt Line to terminus]
Total: 88.5 M

Terry Street 02.2 M
W 11th - Greenhill - Danebo 04.5 M
Belt Line Phase 3 - Roosevelt - W 11th 17.0 M
Total: 23.7 M
Grand Total: $139.20 M

source: ODOT presentation to Eugene City Council 2001-02-20


November 2001election

The pricetag used to sell the WEP to the public for the 20-54 referendum was $88 million.


May 2002

WETLANDS publicly predicts WEP would cost at least $150 million


September 2003, publicly revealed March 2004

WEP Alternative A Mitigated $128,865,551 (in year 2002 dollars)

related projects: widen W. 11 th from Terry Street to Green Hill $5,500,000
6 th / 7th intersection work from WEP to I-105 $1,500,000
widen 126 to four lanes from WEP to Veneta $13,319,000
(Lane County requested this project in May 2002, this is their cost estimate)

total WEP cost $149,184,551

This price tag does not include the related widenings of Seneca and Bertelsen Roads, the $5 million “urban standards” upgrade to Hwy 99 from Roosevelt to Garfield, the intersection upgrades to West 11th, further adjustments to update the WEP for inflation and increased energy costs.

WETLANDS stated in 2002 that the cost of the WEP was really $150 million, not $88 million (based on ODOT's own figures).


October 2004 cost estimate

$169 million

Regional Transportation Plan cost estimate for WEP, October 2004

WEP 1A Beltline to Seneca $17,737,000

WEP 2 Beltline to western terminus $59,625,000

WEP-1B Seneca to 99/Garfield $36,340,000

Terry Street Connector WEP to Roosevelt $10,465,000

Belt Line Highway four lanes, WEP interchange $45,125,000

subtotal as specified by RTP $169,294,000

widen 126 to Veneta requested by Lane County in 2002 $13,313,000 (probably MUCH more than this to construct)

6th / 7th intersections needed for eastern terminus