Eugene's 1967 highway plan

Roosevelt Freeway, Skinner Butte Freeway, I-105 through south Eugene, Beltline through South Hills to LCC

Note the Roosevelt Freeway (original WEP idea), the Skinner Butte Freeway, the extension of I-105 to Amazon Creek, freeways through downtown Eugene, and last, but not least, the Beltline extension over Bailey Hill into the South Hills along the Ridgeline trail and past Spencer's Butte to LCC ...

A few years after this plan, Oregon enacted land use laws to establish urban growth boundaries and make the initial efforts to control sprawl overdevelopment.

Note also the new highway along Amazon Creek (south of west 11th), a new road paralleling the Willamette River north of the "number 2" (outside the Urban Growth Boundary, this project is still called for in the "TransPlan").