Eastern Terminus


2005 Couplet Alternative

The 2005 Couplet Alternative was first unveiled in October 2005 at the River Road Neighborhood Association meeting.

ODOT has removed all flyover ramps between WEP and Highway 99. This "Couplet" idea is similar to a failed design rejected in 1986.


2005 Extra Ramp Alternative

Option quietly shown at ODOT presentation to May 2005 to Active Bethel Citizens (at Willamette High School).

Note addition of eastbound flyover ramp from 1997 "Modified Project" (which merely had westbound flyover ramp, not eastbound ramp).




1997 Modified Design

Scanned map from an engineering drawing of the "Modified Alternative" described in the 1997 SDEIS (courtesy of the City of Eugene). The gray shaded areas next to the WEP reflect earthworks that would be used to elevate the WEP over 7th Avenue and over 5th Place. The north-south road on the left of the graphic is Seneca Road. The 1997 Modified Alternative included two left turns from WEP to Seneca, a movement prohibited in the 2004 "Alternative A Modified," the mid-2005 revision and the October 2005 "Couplet" alternative.